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Facebook FAIL

When writing something I want to post on the three social sites I use, I write it in Twitter first (enforces a discipline) then copy it to Facebook and Google +. Here’s what I wrote (just a historical snippet from that great app On this day…):

Imagine my surprise, when I tried to post to Facebook, I received this rather rude message each time after two tries on an iPad and two on an iPhone:

OK, Facebook, now I’m really PO’d. I’ve spent time writing this and taking screen shots but I gave it one more shot. NOW you decide to post this perfectly innocent non-spammy, non-abusive historical note! What were you thinking, Facebook, or were you? Algorithms OTL? Well, thanks, thanks a lot, Facebook, for the half-hour I’ve just wasted.


About Dennis W. Magnusson

Love reading, writing, movies, video editing, Web content proofing and cats. Tech-wise I do telecom, technology & domain procurement and SEO/M. I'm an ardent Kiva micro-loan and Kickstarter crowdfunding supporter. A sometime raconteur and a bit of a grammar nazi... oh wait, now I'm a grammar yoda. Currently writing a serialized historical fiction story that just keeps growing!

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